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Summer School "The Evidence of The Senses. Drama between the real and the virtual", University of Milan, Departiment of Cultural Heritage and Environment, 17-28.07.2017. CFA

The summer school aims to provide an introduction to dramatic writing to students enrolled in any arts, humanities or scientific undergraduate programme. Participants will attend a series of lectures on aesthetics and the philosophy of the senses, and take advantage of guided visits to historical sites and contemporary venues, museums and theatres in Milan. These activities will provide participants with the theoretical tools and the creative inputs enabling them to reflect on the role of the five senses in real as well as virtual artistic and dramatic experience. On this theme, they will work in groups to the final aim of producing a short drama.

Please send a letter of motivation and a Curriculum Vitae before June 1, 2017 (if you need to apply for a Visa, the deadline application is May 12, 2017). 

Please note that the Summer School will accept a maximum of 20 students and will take place if a minimum of 15 participants is accepted. 

The participation fee to the Summer School is € 1350. 

For all information regarding the Summer School, feel free to contact the organizers at gs_school@unimi.it


22 febbraio 2017
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