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Sound Stage Screen • lancio online della nuova rivista e pubblicazione del primo Call for Submissions


È online il sito di Sound StageScreen (SSS), nuova rivista open access (OSJ 3) del Dipartimento di Beni culturali e ambientali, diretta da Giorgio Biancorosso ed Emilio Sala, è online insieme al Call for Submissions per il primo numero (Spring 2021). La scadenza per la presentazioe delle proposte è il 1° settembre 2020.

Sound Stage Screen (SSS) is a biannual peer-reviewed journal devoted to historical and theoretical research into the relations between sound, performance, and media. SSS will address a wide range of phenomena, practices, and objects pertaining to sound and music in light of the interconnections between performing traditions and media archaeologies: from opera to musical multimedia, and from cinema to interactive audio-visual platforms. An open-access journal published in English by the University of Milan (Italy), SSS wishes to redefine the academic study of music as an open field whose boundaries—historical, geographical, and theoretical—are constantly being negotiated.

Promoting a dialogue across disciplines and practices is essential to this rethinking. SSS embraces the web format to stimulate and sustain the exploration of ways to restore a sense of the continuum that ties music making and research. To this end, the journal will encourage submissions stemming from practice-led research, research-led practice as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations from within and without academia. Whether it hosts a discussion of the revival of works from the past or fosters the gestation of new forms, the journal will also provide a much-needed forum in which theorists and practitioners may revisit the divide between their respective practices. We champion the rapprochement between theory and practice because we believe this to be one of the main goals of musicology.


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07 febbraio 2020
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